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was held on Sunday Jan 29, 2107


  The 9th Annual BUTCH SMITH POKER CLASSIC was a success on a level we have NEVER IMAGINED. We had the second highest attendance (347 players) in our history and the second highest take for our charities.

  So HOW is "second" a HUGE SUCCESS?  It is because of our mission from day one: Raising Awareness and Support for Firefighters with Cancer.

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  Gathered in respect of Captain Butch Smith, and in honor of his family there in attendance, was a State Representative, a County Commissioner, State Fire Marshall, Fire Chief's from several departments, Local 2928 and I.A.F.F. Leaders, representatives from Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami, all assembled for one purpose. To recognize Butch's fight, commitment and determination to create better firefighter cancer awareness and effect change.

  There is simply no way to write a better progress report on our mission and goals than what was witnessed last Sunday and what is being witnessed now statewide. We were honored to have the dignitaries and listen to them speak and present the following:

  Pat Rooney, former State Representative opened the ceremony with the Honor Guard/Pipes and Drums

 Julius Halas, The Director of the Florida Fire Marshall's Office spoke on the statewide fight to support firefighter with cancer.

  Jeff Collins, PBCFR Fire Administrator presented a tribute to Butch to the University of Miami and mentioned intentions to start a statewide petition to name the Firefighter Cancer Presumptive legislation (currently proposed) in Butch Smith's honor.

  Jose Gonzalez, President of Local 2928 presented to Butch's wife, Andrea Smith, the International Association of Firefighters' Line of Duty Death Medal.

To have all of this culminate at the event this year is historic and helps to further energize positive changes in the fight against firefighter cancer.

As to the event specifics...  (see Facebook Photo Album HERE)

Noted Winners:
As always, we more than covered our guaranteed prize pool.

  Jerry Yang and Pete Mcgrane were both "in the money"  and sitting at the Final Table

  Bob Womack won the 60/40 Raffle - that ticket drawn by Jerry Yang.

  Brian Moody won the 16th Man Raffle - a $365 WSOP-Circuit Event entry ticket.

  Rich Ellis (not PBCFR Chief Ellis, different guy) was the WINNER of the 9th Annual, taking down a field of 347 players.

Our 4 Non-Profit Charities were the biggest winners - collecting from the event close to $30,000 dollars and we're not done yet.

**** we are waiting for final numbers to release our PER CHARITY take for 2017, needing to calculate some outstanding expenses and YES possible contributions yet to arrive.

  We have so much and so many to be thankful for - volunteers, organization, families, returning poker players, supporters, sponsors, donor's - there's no way to do this without such support.

  THANK YOU ! The 10th Annual is ALREADY in the works.... 

We're still ALL IN for BUTCH !

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